Advantages for Business:

Empowering Your Business Jouney on a Global Platform

CREAT’OR is more than just a crowdfunding platform; it’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to support and elevate businesses through every stage of their growth. Listing on CREAT’OR opens a gateway to unparalleled opportunities, connecting you with a global community of investors and providing a suite of tools and services tailored to fuel your success

Equity Funding

With CREAT’OR, the possibilities are boundless. We offer a wide funding range, starting from as low as $5,000 and reaching up to $5,000,000, ensuring that entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey can access the capital they need. Whether you’re looking for seed funding, early-stage investments, research funding, or capital to propel your growth,CREATOR has you covered.

Flexible Listing Fees

Dive into a cost- effective crowdfunding experience with our flexible listing fees. Tailored to encourage business growth, our sliding scale fees are significantly reduced for businesses holding CRET tokens, making it easier for you to raise funds and scale your operations.

Marketing Boost

Stand out in a crowded market with our strategic marketing support. From homepage visibility to targeted campaigns across emails and social media, our tier- based marketing packages are designed to enhance your project’s visibility and attract a broad spectrum of investors.

Advisory Circle

Navigate the complexities of market trends and project development with our Advisory Circle. Gain access to industry experts who provide tailored advice and strategy optimization, ensuring your project is positioned for maximum impact and growth.

Community Engagement

Directly engage with the CREATOR community to gain valuable feedback, conduct beta testing, and drive user acquisition. Our platform fosters a collaborative environment where businesses and investors connect, share insights, and contribute to mutual success.

Milestone Escrow

Enhance investor confidence with our milestone-based escrow service. Funds raised are securely held and released upon achieving specific project milestones, ensuring accountability and sustained progress towards your business goals.

Impact Fund

Make a difference with the support of the CREATOR Impact Fund. For projects that align with our values of innovation, social good, and community impact, we dedicate a portion of our platform fees to provide additional support and funding, championing ventures that aim to make a meaningful difference.

Incubator Access

Jumpstart your journey with our curated incubator program. Tailored for early-stage startups, this program offers mentorship, resources, and potential seed funding to help navigate the initial challenges of business growth, fostering innovation and establishing strong foundations.

Accelerator Program

Accelerate your project’s growth with intensive support from the CREATOR Accelerator Program. Focused on strategic partnerships and funding, this program is designed to rapidly scale high-potential projects, providing the resources and network needed to achieve exponential growth.

Leaderboard Rewards

Gain recognition and additional support through the CREAT’OR Social Impact Awards. Annually recognizing projects that make significant social contributions, winners benefit from marketing support, direct funding opportunities, and spotlight placement on our platform, celebrating and amplifying your impact.

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